Monday Confessions, Early Edition

Happy Monday friends. I am currently off to an efficient start for the day so only have fairly positive things to confess :) It was, however, the weekend of the unexpected. Did any of you get caught in the crazy storms in the Northeast?! 

1. I confess, my daughter spent two out of three nights sleeping in our bed. This was a first for us because we sort of have a big "no kids in our bed" policy. With the crazy storms though, we made an allowance and let her snuggle in with us. My mom's house on the Chesapeake bay got a branch through the roof so we are just thankful that we only lost a couple umbrellas! 

2. About today's productivity, it started with a run at 6:45. The first step out of the bed is the hardest part but it allows me to get the blood flowing and my mind going. I tend to use the run as a prayer time to clear my head and focus my day. It really does make me a nicer person the rest of the day!

3. I have already done two loads of laundry today! Sometimes you just have to count the small things :) 

4. I had to reschedule a photo shoot yesterday due to the severe heat. I never like having to reschedule but it wil make me look forward to it all the more next time! 

5. Made a rookie mistake cooking Saturday night and sliced my finger pretty good. I walked around with a Dora band-aid for a few hours until I found the grown up band-aid stash :)

6. The twins turned 3 last friday and I still really can't believe it. I know all mothers feel this way but how can it go this fast?! 

7. Confession, this photographer momma has still NOT taken one year photos of Maxwell. I know, I know ... but it's not as easy as you think to coordinate. SO he will have 13 month photos one day soon and it will just have to be good enough :)

8. If I wait any longer to get a hair appointment, I will involuntarily have "ombre hair" - google it if you don't know what I mean! Do you ever delay on things for yourself? I am so bad at this, time alone and spending money on me is sometimes hard to do!

9. I tried the new International Delight Iced Coffee from the grocery store and it's really not half bad! At $3 a half gallon, it definitely trumps a Starbukcs trip. It's also nice that it's totally ready made and just needs a glass of ice if you are in a hurry! (There's even a coupon if you click here)

10. I am currently reading The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand. It starts with a boat crash so it has kept me going! So far an interesting read as the relationships unravel and the past gets revealed. What are some great things you are reading right now? (I am also simultaneously reading a few theological and parenting books, got to keep it all balanced for my brain)

I am looking forward to the 4th of July this week with a small town parade and fire works in our town!

Alright friends, here's to having a great week ahead!