Monday Confessions

MMy confessions might be lame today because I am still not feeling well. Started with a virus (will spare details but it requires lots of bathroom visits) on Friday night and it has plagued me off and on all weekend through this morning. SO..

1. I have been laying on the couch thankful for the Olympics as my entertainment because of feeling bad. I missed a girls night with friends on Friday night that I was super bummed about...even a girlfriend from out of town was here! Isn't that always the way?!

2. In good news, my sweet friend Jay from last weeks maternity session I blogged had her baby early on Friday. You never know why you're compelled, but we were so glad to grab these shots before baby Maddex showed up later that week unexpectedly. Prayers appreciated for Mommy's healing and baby Dex as he is hanging in the Nicu a little while (as many preemies do)!

3. My hubby has been great trying to keep the ship afloat and help when I needed help while not feeling good! 

4. It seems the kids all have different touches of the same icky sickies but hoping it's on it's way out!

5. Who designs those olympic uniforms?! Some are insane. I always feel bad for the gymnists having to pick their wedgies in front of a watching world..but who cares right? USA women's gymnastics are going to tear it up!


And in case you missed these shots from the "carbi-bal" last week with the kids...enjoy!


That's all for now friends..hope to get to actual photo posting later this week when I am on the mend!