My Fun Family

My grandfather turned 73 last week (alhtough he doesn't look it) and he has long been known for inner comedian. He told me what he wanted for his birthday is to finally get a good picture on the beach with his pretty wife before they "decay anymore." Mommom and Poppop, as they are affectionately known to all us grandkids and great grandkids, have been living in Lewes at the beach for nearly a decade already. They "retired" down there only to keep working :) I love it though, it says something about work ethic that kids these days just don't get. They still enjoy fishing, hanging out with friends and who am I kidding, they probably have more of a social life than me! Well anyway, Poppop wanted to do a fun take on the Ma & Pa in the classic American Gothic painting. He wanted "American Beach Gothic" - I told you, inner comedian :) We had a good time this last weekend creating this image and I have a feeling it's definitely a peice for posterity! Happy Wednesday friends!



And of course, I couldn't have my grandparents there with my kids and not attempt a picture! Just so you know, it's like my camera makes me invisble to my kids - they suddenly can't hear or see me. They ignore any requests I holler from behind it so this was the best we had...even with bribing with Dairy Queen Dilly Bars :) Hey, ice cream always motivates me!