Baby in the belly!

It's always fun for me to photograph a couple anticipating a baby on the way, but it's especially fun when it was one of my wedding couples. I have known Devon and TC for years now, they are precious people. They were on of my pretty weddings a couple summers ago and needless to say, I was so excited when Devon contacted me for maternity and newborn photos. They have shared that they know they are having a girl and are naming her Harper. I know they will be wonderful parents and we had a great time shooting this sunset session! All the best to you Devon, TC and baby Harper!

Also, as a total photographer side note....there has been a ton of talk lately about cliches in photography. I totally agree that there are so many things that are "overdone" these days and certain ones make me cringe. I try to avoid them, sometimes even when a client requests them. Please notice, you have NEVER and WILL NEVER see a selective color image on my site (when everything is black and white except one thing in color). If you want that, I am not the photographer for you.

There are trendy things in art, just like in life. You never want to be the person who holds onto that trend for too long (think 80's perm and huge bangs...just not good!). I know things like sunsets, fields, props, etc are all the rage...but hey, sunset has ALWAYS been a beautiful thing to photograph. Pretty outdoor settings make WAY better backdrops than vinyl, my friends. A lot of "trends" these days aren't really trends at all, they are staples in the history of natural light photography.

I decided recently that even if you are approaching shoots in a similar fashion or style (which is hopefully your own personal style), it's ok to approach them that way because every couple has their OWN story. You are always telling a new story with each couple. Even in the case of this shoot, this is a couple I have photographed before but it's a NEW part of their story, the beginning of parenthood. As I approach each shoot, although some things I will approach in a familiar way, I will remind myself I am telling the client's story in a fresh way. The client is what is unique! Stepping off soap box now.... Enjoy the shoot!


Pretty mommy-to-be!

I thought that this was so sweet...they brought some of the bedtime stories they hope to read to Harper. It was perfect practice for bedtime reading and made for sweet pictures!


Love this one, Devon's sister made the inital for Harper's room!



Love this one and I think it makes for a happy ending...or really a beginning! Beginning of parenthood :)