Monday Confessions, a Day late!

I have to say, I am thankful for seasons in life. Not just seasons in weather, although this week that has been WONDERFUL already. I am much happier when not sweating! I am also thankful for the seasons of life that usher us in to new times and experiences. Sometimes it can be hard because maybe it was a season of friendship that came to an end or maybe it's a season of trials for you. There are these tough seasons that can make us so much more thankful for the ones that are full of life's sunshine! Even as I write this, a college friend lost her dad this week to a cancer battle and the sweet family on the previous blog post had their baby girl weeks early (everyone is doing well)! Seasons, seasons....Sorry if that was a little too philosophical for you but it has been on my have many other things!

I know it's a day late but here goes this week's confessions...

1. I am embracing the season changes. Trying hard not to rush it (I don't have pumpkins up YET) but just enjoying it for what it is with my pumpkin bread and spicy candle burning. I keep joking about counting the days to preschool (and I am) but I am also so aware of how quickly life passes us by. I want to enjoy the time with these kids and the laughs they give me before they start spending so much time away from mama.

2. I confess I couldn't stifle a laugh today when Dean rounded up a bunch of toys in a trash bag and told me, "Mom this is junk." I tried not to laugh but said "there are good toys in there that you would be sad if they were gone." Dean then proceeded to tell me that this is what Andy did to his toys in Toy Story 3. I chatted with him about how the toys were sad to be in the trash bag so we better take ours out :)

3. Along with the Toy Story 3 obsession, Dean and Macy asked me this afternoon to play cowboys. I went into the basement abyss and dug out the Woody and Jessie costumes along with the stick horses. You would've thought I hung the moon! They had a blast playing and informed me that they 1. Needed Boots and 2. This is what they want to be for Halloween (should I even bother with the other costumes I was working on?) Seriously, how cute are these two?! And for the record, these stick horses were mine and my brothers as kids :) Love it!

4. I have a sewing machine that has yet to be out of the box and I am dying over this. First, my sweet Grandma got it for me when my second hand one was toast.  Second, my mom did teach me basic sweing as a kid but I forget a lot. I don't have a lot of patience sometimes which doesn't go well with sewing. I have had no time to dabble with the machine yet and it makes me feel a little less like a good mom who sews Halloween costumes and other such sweet childhood things. Pinterest taunts me. 

5. I am secretly wishing up a list of things I will do while the twins go to preschool...then I am secretly brought back to reality when my almost 16 month-old dives into the toilet or the dog bowl yet another time. He will probably have something to say about me thinking I will become a craft/project/decorating Goddess during preschool hours. I will most likely have to do business things, grocery shop with one kid, clean, or go for a run during those times. I can dream though can't I?! What fall crafts are you whipping up?!

6. AND speaking of toilets, our powder room toilet betrayed me today after Matt had already gone to work. I really can't in good conscience describe the scene I came upon this morning when I went to help Macy potty in there. Lets just say it required a plunger and me holding my gag reflex. If you ever think my life looks glamourous....just rememebr I am elbow deep in poo at least once a day or more! 

7. I confess I need to say no more. This is a skill I thought I was good at but it seems to creep into hiding at times. I am booked as I really can handle from now until the first weekend in November. If you were interested in a fall photo session, it would have to be after then, thanks friends! 

8. I colored my own hair Sunday night. I had gotten to that place where the highlights were a bit too bright and I just wanted to warm them up slightly without covering them entirely. I am happy with the results, it's a nice warm color to embrace fall and let the summer tan fade (tear). I trimmed my own bangs too. I have to say, I LOVE my hair stylist but I do occasionally have to take matters into my own hands for quick, budget solutions. 

(forgive the flourescent bathroom glow)



9. I was priveleged over the weekend to attend Women of Faith conference in Philadelphia. It was definitely fun to go with friends but I have to say there were a lot of moving speakers. You definitely can't beat singing Good Morning with Mandisa,  that is for sure but the speakers that came after were so real and authentic. Christine Caine brought a passionate conversation about getting off your bottom and doing something in the world. She has an amazing story of redemption and in fact, her book Undaunted is available today. Her personality was right up my alley and seriously, how do you NOT love a lady over 40 in lime green skinny jeans with an Australian accent telling you to love Jesus more passionately?! I had to stand in line to meet this lady!


And let me tell you, I was pretty excited to be close by to this music star. This blurry iphone shot is Amy Grant!

I was also very struck by Brenda Warner's, wife of NFL star Kurt Warner, story. If you need a good read, pick up her book which shares it more in depth. Mine is on it's way from Amazon as we speak! I need to stand up and listen to any lady who is a former US Marine, looks like a beauty queen, is a cancer survivor and has 7 children, including one with severe special needs after a tragic accident. Her story had so much heart and with it, so much hope! 

10. Two final things,

1. I am sitting here seriously considering getting in my car and going to the CHick Fila Drive Thru for a warm chocolate chip cookie. Have you had them?! Ridiculously good!

2. I put on a song by Robyn and broke into a literal dance party in my room right around confession number 5. It got the blood pumping and kept me going :)

Have a great week friends!!!