Monday Confessions, Outlet Shopping and Tim Tebow

I did something a little crazy today...took all three kids dress shopping with me today. My hubby is in a good friend's wedding in a few weekends so I was starting to stress. Our schedule is pretty packed so I had a great thought that today was a pretty day and we would just take a ride down to Queenstown, MD to see what's in their J.Crew Outlet.

1. Here's how we surived...bribing with rides in the "rocky cars" and snacks :)

Flinstone's anyone?!

Ice Cream truck!


And yes Max got to ride too but I didn't trust him to let go to take any pictures!

2. There were chaotic moments but this girl got a beautiful J. Crew black dress that was originally $138.00. I paid $41.97 and it will hopefully be as cute as I imagine it accessorized. Yes, I even wheeled the triple stroller into the dressing room. You gotta' do what you gotta' do!

3. We also used our coupon for a free Chick Fila breakfast entree on the way there. It was free chicken minis all around  and it made kids (&momma happy)!

4. My husband has been getting told in public all the time "You look like Tim Tebow." Agree or disagree?

(Don't kill me honey - he has no idea I whipped this up)

5. Semi-home made chicken pot pie for dinner here folks. What's at your house?

6. I am bad with using the dryer. I don't always pay attention and sometimes shrink things. Anyone else? I am constantly doing five people's laundry and don't always pay attention to details! Oops...

7. SO excited that there's new Hawaii 5 - 0 tonight and a slew of other new shows this week! I dare say I will be tuning in to Grey's Anatomy to see who lives and dies. What are you looking forward to friends?!

8. A huge prayer in my life right now is to learn contentment. I have always struggled with a striving and sometimes restless spirit. It's a great gift if you consider it makes me a worker, a doer, a dream chaser....but it's not so good for the patiently waiting parts of life. I praying to learn to be content with who I am, what God has given me and to attempt to use it all to his best glory. Apostle Paul says in one of his letters "I have learned what it is to be content..." Praying that I am learning this too! 

9. Twins officially start preschool tomorrow. We had open house last week and they haven't stopped talking about it. As much as I have looked forward to this step, I have also found myself looking back. Life is a gift and it passes us so quickly, try to find moments to treasure today even if it's in between diaper changes, disciplining or a traffic jam. 

10. Did you see my latest couple to make it in to Delaware Bride? Congrats to Autumn and Rob, your wedding was great! 

Have to run friends, have a great week!