Monday Confessions, Labor Day

I have to say, my hubby let me lay in bed today while he got up with the kids. Bless him!! It was a great extra time of rest for me that I obviously really needed. So Labor Day 2012, what are your plans today? The rain might be putting a damper on our picnic and pool plans but we shall see. 

1. Labor Day was created to celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers (I am hearing lots of politically charged comments in my head about the current value of hard work in our country but I will leave them in my head). Labor Day also now is also a huge retail holiday, due to people being off and it is apparently now only second to the Black Friday shopping phenomenon! I contributed with a little trip to the mall yesterday :) 

2. Labor Day is  also the symbolic end of the summer. I really do hope some fall-like weather comes soon! In high society, Labor Day is (or was) considered the last day of the year when it is fashionable to wear white or seersucker (in case you are in the company of high society soon....I, on the other hand, think the white jeans can stick around a little longer :)

3. In the course of a week, I myself ate an entire HALF GALLON of Edy's special edition smores ice cream. I was the only one eating it but it kept calling my name from the freezer night and day. I would eat a small bowl with one of my kids spoons to make it last longer (old diet trick).....but in the course of 7 days, I had eaten it all myself?!

4. It brought me to the conclusion that my booty might look like the one on Cinderella's evil step sister if I keep going in this direction....I won't be buying ice cream at the grocery store this week!



5. At that trip to the mall yesterday I had an interesting interaction with a 20 year old about a jeans purchase. Said tewnty year-old was probably about a size 4 and 6ft tall, wondering why I didn't want to try on the skinny jeans too in the dressing room at American Eagle (whole store was 40% off)? I was trying to gently tell her with my eyes that she shouldn't mess with a 30 year old who has had three kids, because I needed to stick with the style that worked for my body type! I humored her though because I was in a really good mood when the smaller size actually fit. Let me tell you though ladies, the "skinny kick" style isn't for most. Those had to go! I ended up going with a nice dark wash slim boot if you must know but the interactions in the dressing room were priceless.

6. My heart also lusted after the teaberry colored jeans but I refrained for feeling that I would look like someone impersonating a college student....I liked them though. Your thoughts my mama friends? Things you stay away from style wise? Or maybe it's just more about pulling it off with confidence...


7. We started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix this weekend. I have tweeted about it a few times but I am both intrigued and disturbed by this show! I cannot figure out how it is already in season five with the plot but it makes me want to watch some more to see what happens. At the same time, it's full of drugs, violence and all sorts of other maladies. I have been told to stick with it by a we will see!

8. I just finally uploaded some photos from our trip to the carnival at the end of July. I sometimes laugh when people say Macy is a mini of me, because I don't always see it. I know we have blonde hair and blue eyes but I guess I just see her as her own person. She is naturally a whole lot sweeter than me :) This picture made me see what others see though :)


All in all it was a great summer! We got to the beach two different days, did a couple different carnivals, the Please Touch Museum, Philly Zoo, Ikea, Pump it Up....we packed in the fun! The preschool count down is 22 days :) Have a great Labor Day my friends! Enjoy your rest!