Monday Confessions

Hey there friends, another Monday has crept up on us and I am elbow deep in life.

1. I confess I am most excited to be heading to Justin & Mary Marantz Lighting Intensive workshop tomorrow in Philly. I wanted to go last year when they were in DC but it didn't work out. Excited to get my brain extracted from every day life situations and think photography for an evening with adults!! I hope to post pictures later this week....

2. I am committing to a healthier holiday season this year, where my mouth doesn't resemble a garbage disposal for all things high calorie! I started up the first round of T25  for the 5 weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and have some friends holding me accountable. What funny is you would think that these workouts are "easy" for me now and I say a resounding "no way!" I still breathe hard, drip sweat, and love to hate Shaun T (I really actually love him!). Results are results and these workouts work!

3. I know I never posted photography last week. I confess that I have been working hard to stay on a good timeline for clients but struggling to blog!

4. Do you have an engaged friend that might like my work? I am thinking about doing a little referral perk if you connect me with a friend that books a wedding! Now booking dates in 2014...

5. Who's your favorite person to follow on Pinterest?! I need some new people to show up in my feed!

6. I confess I am such a stress eater, which is another part of my being healthy challenge. If anything goes awry or is stressing me out, I find the closest bag of M & M's to make it all better. I am determined to get through Halloween candy season without devouring my weight in Reese's cups! Do any of you have after Halloween strategies with your kids or yourself to not eat too much candy?!

7. We carved pumpkins last night with our kids and my husbands family. It was fun but I realized I am not patient enough to use pumpkins as my artistic medium, although it was my first experience using a power drill with a pumpkin which was fun!


8. I had limited mini sessions in October, without even really advertising because they have been so popular in the past that I filled up with return clients. I have a couple spots available this upcoming weekend on Nov 2 in the afternoon in historic Odessa. If you're interested, please send me an email, (Again this is a very limited offer for a specific date/time.)

Alright friends, off to start dinner in a few! Hope you all have a great evening and a good week!