Monday Confessions

I don't know about any of you friends out there reading but we had some crazy weather last night! Wicked stroms rolled in around 3 am and it even caused my husband to jump out of bed, which never happens! It's interesting how even a storm like that can make you grateful for all you have and thankful when it's over! 

Time to confess...

1. I confess I am very thankful for our protection last night but am thinking of those in the mid-west who are less fortunate this morning after losing everything. It seems a day doesn't pass lately without bad news of a storm or other happenings out of our control. 

2. I confess that I ran 2.85 miles yesterday and felt pretty good during it. (If you are laughing at me, I get it). I have been doing lots of cross training but not running lately so yesterday was a little test. I am running a 5K this upcoming weekend and wanted to make sure I would live through it. I have to say, eventhough I workout regularly, I am very sore this morning. Running just takes a different toll on the body....and I should probably tell you that at my 11 min mile pace, I got passed by an old man :) I am Ok with it. I remember being a size 16 after the twins and wondering how I could ever run again with all that extra weight on my frame. I've come a long way back and am honestly feeling really good about where I am. 

3. I just finished a really good, thought provoking book over the weekend, The Fault In Our Stars by John Greene.  It has grown a cult following and looks like a movie is in the works for next year. I have to say that I heard what it was about and it took me a while to be ready to read it. The premise is two teenagers battling cancer who find each other and love. It definitely required tissues! I have to say though that I enjoyed the honesty that it shared about life with cancer as a teenager. If we are honest, cancer will touch all of us in a lifetime in one way or another. I will most likely grab a friend and have to go see the movie :)


4. I confess that when it snowed last week, I busted out my Justin Bieber Christmas album and rocked out to Little Drummer Boy! (Who wouldn't love a version of Little Drummer Boy with Busta' Rhymes in it?!) Max was even singing "pa rum pum pum pum" later that day :)

5. It is aparently 37 days til Christmas and I have a lot to do! As always though, swearing to myself that I won't get caught up in the crazy. I want to try to enjoy what this season is about!

6. Who is going to see Hunger Games Catching Fire this weekend?! I don't know if I will get to go right away but am definitely looking forward to seeing it! 

7. If you know my kids at all, they're not huge eaters, which is a mystery to me. I personally love food and have always been a good eater. It has been driving me crazy lately, as every meal feels like a battle. I kept feeling for a while like it was a power struggle (& maybe it still is) but they honestly just don't have huge appetites. I question if they are getting nourished, but also don't like the idea of force feeding them. It makes me crazy to think of other children starving in our own country while my kids cry over eating a peice of pizza! Anyone else have this struggle with your kiddos? Anything that has worked well? 

I have other thoughts swirling around my head today but I think I will let them marinate for now! I hope you have a wonderful week in which you count your blessings and find joy!