Monday Confessions, November is here

Welcome November, it's nice to see you along with some cooler temperatures that actually finally feel like fall around here. Although you are lovely November, you are reminding me that this year is rapidly drawing to its end! 

1. Are any of you friends of mine doing any fun November challenges like thankful trees or gratitude journals? I love all those ideas but I confess I have done none.... I would love to find one I could stick to!

2. 50 days til Christmas...much like everyone else I am overwhelmed, overjoyed and just trying to take a breath.

3. If you want to buy for a kid that won't get gifts otherwise, join my efforts along with my church to give to Operation Christmas Child this year. If you're local, I can hook you up with a box to fill and return! It's an amazing way to get your whole family on board with giving to others this Christmas season. 


4 Novemeber is Adoption month and I read something just a week ago that sort of stuck with me. 

“I always questioned if I was called to adopt and then realized no child was called to be an orphan.”
      ~David Platt

Although I know adoption isn't a current option for everyone, how can you love and serve orphans in your area? I am keeping it close to my heart because it's still a new endeaver but a couple weeks ago God opened a door for me to serve orphans in Delaware. As time passes and I feel led, I will share about what I am involving myself in. It's still just so fresh that I want to wait and see what fruit may come, but I say all this to tell you that I put myself out there after and I am already seeing blessing. (And just to carify before I start anything, we ARE NOT pursuing any adoption personally).

5. I confess I struggle with resting. Are any of you bad at resting like me? Feel the pressure of contant tasks an d activities? I heard a short sermon a few weeks ago that's ringing in my ears. Mark Driscoll said "You will either rest joyfully or rest painfully" so you need to consider this. God took a sabbath for a reason and tells us to do so as well. In this activity addicted society, we just keep pushing until it's an ulcer or heart attack or other health issue that sidelines us. This line of thinking has been challenging me to find meaningful ways to rest and reflect. 

6. I am doing a little fitness challenge with some friends and  trying to stay fit leading up to Thanksgiving! I confess though that I dropped no weight this week. It feels though almost impossible for me, stuck at a number on the scale but rather than feeling defeated, I am just glad I am being intentional this holiday season to stick to a fitness plan!

That's really all I have for today because I feel like I am running a 100 directions already. If I "confess" too much more I fear I might sound like I am complaining. Today, I will just roll with what comes! Local friends, don't froget your free Dunkin coffee from the Eagles win!