Monday Confessions

It's the start of another new week and life is bustling around here. We got to enjoy the beauty of an unexpected snow day yesterday. I was teaching the four year old class at church yesterday as the snow started swirling down. I think I was just as excited as the kids to see it start!

It's confession time so here it goes...

1. I LOVE a good snow day, especially when it's unexpected! I used my long lens to stand at our sliding glass door and grab a few shots without really dragging any gear into the elements. I have always connected with something about the snow. I especially appreciate how it can instantly change your day and your pace. We ended up having a great afternoon of relaxing and snow playing! (Don't mind our too small and odd combinations of snow clothes. We are making it work until the new Christmas winter coats come :) 

*a note about photography in the snow, there's a lot of reflective light but it can throw off your camera's meter, resulting in photos that are too dark or too light. Just make sure you check the back of your camera to see what you are getting and adjust accordingly *

2. I confess that I counted snow shoveling as my workout yesterday! It does burn 308 calories per hour for my height and weight!

3. The hubs had to leave early today to help with snow removal, which is totally fine except our entire household was up out of bed at 6:30am. I confess that I think anything before 7 is really not a nice hour, especially with little people talking. What is it about even sweet kid voices that are grating at 6am? I am hoping we don't have a a family meltdown by lunchtime. 

4. Some of you know by husband has taken up hunting and got his first buck the weekend before Thanksgiving. Any of you out there in my cyber universe have good venison recipes you like? I admittedly am a little afraid to cook and then eat it, but I know I will just need to get used to it. It's a great and natural way to supplement our food supply. Venison is also very lean and healthy if I can just figure out how to get myself started on cooking it!

5. As usual this time of year has me both relfecting and looking ahead. Something I hope to accoplish in early 2014 is a website update. I know friends, it's time! It's just one of those time consuming endeavors that I know I need to do but doesn't quite seem to have an immediate advantage. Sometimes running a business isn't as fun as one would think! 

6. I know I talked about a social media hiatus sometime this month and I am still considering it. I know that my head and heart just need a break at times from the constant information flow. While some information flow can be invaluable, other times it just fills us up with nonsense, while not leaving lots of room for the good stuff. I don't know about you, but this time of year has a way of magnifying both the good and bad in life for me. I know I need some space to process and soak in whatever God has for me so I might be taking a bit of an internet break. It might require me putting my phone into captivity....haha

7. What are some of your favorite winter or holiday recipes? I love to make tried and true recipes from friends! I don't like getting in a recipe rut!

8. I confess all the shopping is about done except a few stocking stuffer items. 

9. I confess though that I have not wrapped one single thing....better get on that!

10. I think it's still free Dunkin coffee for the Eagles win if you are in the local area! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!