To the mom who thinks she can't take time for herself...

To the mom who is so busy working trying to keep up with all the needs in her home that she never takes time for herself, I grant you permission. I am saying this because I too made this mistake for a while. I always thought that neglecting myself was just part of taking care of everyone else. What I have learned through the last four years of motherhood is that taking decent care of me is the BEST way to take care of everyone else!

One particular form of self neglect can come with exercise. I am here today to try to encourage even one mom out there who feels like she just can't. I have been in that place and it stinks. You are so exhausted that even thinking of exercising wears you out! What I have learned through the different cycles of my mom life though, is that I am ALWAYS better off when I am excercising regularly. Diet is sort of a dirty word in our house so I will avoid that discussion but food makes a difference too!

I ran 3 miles last night for the first time in maybe years and it felt so good to accomplish that. It helps that I have been doing all different exercise videos for the last few months trying to get back in shape. I haven't lost much weight in the last few months but my body has changed so much. I can actually do push ups too! (This is huge for me). Running 3 miles with a friend last night reminded me that my body is strong and meant to be used. It also gave me way more empowerment than sitting on the couch. I felt accomplished, and saw a little glimpse of the "former me" who ran and exercised regularly before kids. So wherever you are on this journey...start with a brisk walk today or if you are farther along, push yourself to go longer! 


To encourage you...

This is me a few months after having Max at around 175 lbs if I had to guess... (if you think it's not that bad, it's because that size 14 dress covers A LOT gracefully :)


And some of you might remember this recent shot at Easter, at 150 lbs (the weight I was pre-kids) and feeling much healthier and stronger. Please excuse our pasty whiteness, I definitely am in need of a tan :)