Monday Confessions

Really Monday again, already?!! I know we all probably feel like that every week! I sure have lately! I confess though a few things have changed since last week...

1. I confess I think we are losing naptime for the twins. We have been at a point where they don't want to sleep every day and now I am wondering if we give up nap, will they just sleep better at night?! I have had to fight to hold onto it as long as possible because it's sanity time. I think we will still have "quiet play in your room time" for an hour or so after lunch to save all our sanity.

2. I confess that today is a hungry day! I just feel hungry today and of course am trying to stick to healthy eating. I just keep trying to pick healthy stuff to eat that's not too calorie dense but I feel a little like a bottomless pit today. I did do my T25 Core Cardio this morning...I thought I might melt into my own puddle of sweat!!

3. We went swimming this was absolutely gorgeous out but there was a chill in the water. The kids were shivering after a while so we threw in the towel (literally) after an hour but it was SO worth it! The pool will close up before we know it and we are totally holding onto summer for all it's worth!

Dean's "cannonball!"


4. I finished up a great book last night! The Light Between Oceans  by M.L. Stedman was a great read and different than all the non-fiction I have been reading lately. It was great to dive deep into this beautiful story that has you questioning wrong and right. I honestly am still trying to decide if I liked the ending or not...leaning towards not but you read it and tell me what you think! What great book have you read this summer?!


5. I think it's safe to say that my love affair with the library is back in full swing :) I have been requesting books left and right. I am contemplating what is next! My kiddos always love picking up new stories and even videos for the week. 

6. I let my kids ride their scooters to the mailbox this morning at the front of the 'hood at 8am, in their bathing suits and my youngest in only pj shirt and diaper. I was a HOT mess after my workout and had to laugh. I was caught in a moment though on the way back thinking "may I always remember Macy riding her scooter at 8am in the morning in her Minnie Mouse bathing suit...this is the good stuff."

7. If you are a local, you need to go check out Schafer's Canal House if you haven't been lately. The hubs and I went a few weekends ago to the newly renovated restaurant. I am pretty sure the hot crab dip has been haunting me! You can either go casual out on the deck or enjoy a more formal dinner inside, but either way, order the crab dip :) YOU will thank me later! Someday I will tell you about the summer in college I worked there...

8. I experienced trap shooting with my hubby this past weekend. I haven't played 5 stand before with him but it was a lot of fun! I was shooting his 12 gauge and I got a bit of a beating after 50 rounds through the shotgun. I have to say though, it's a bit addicting. I definitely want to go again soon! Apparently my stance was hilarious to my husband so I will have to work on that for next time honey... (and yes the bearded man is indeed Matt in disguise) 


9. I sort of despise the "skipping over of the seasons" trend in retail but I confess we bought Halloween costumes last week. It was too good of a deal and I knew if I waited too long, they wouldn't still be there when I went back. I know, I's still August Emily :)

10. I confess I am totally ready for free iced coffee Mondays at Dunkin...anyone get a card for it yet?!! I haven't seen it yet :)

That's about it for my shenanigans today! Hoping for a couple photography posts this week, thanks for your patience as they have been sparse this summer. Enjoy your week my friends!