Monday Confessions & an August special!!!

Let me start by saying, August when did you get here?! We've been swept up in a weekend of birthdays! I am sorry friends for the inconsistency the last few weeks in my confessions and photography posting. I guess it's like the saying life gets in the way when you're busy making plans?!

1. I confess we got a speeding ticket on vacation. It was a bummer but didn't really let it get to us...until last Monday that is. We learned that the NC system makes you either pay a lawyer or report to court in our situation. I got that news on top of some other bad news so that's why I told last Monday to go step on a lego!

2. I am really trying to let the speeding ticket be water under the bridge...really...expensive water...but water under the bridge :) 

3. My fitness goals have been going well this past month! I worked out consistently with the new T25 workout, did my shakeology and found it to all be a good thing for me. I learned that I am bad at "clean eating" but need to work towards doing more of it. 

4. Due to the cross training I've been doing the last few months, I was able to run 3.5 miles Saturday afternoon on my own with no stopping and honestly, feeling good. I know that means I should up the mileage but I usually am on a time crunch. I am proud of my old girl self though, I feel as good as I did playing lacrosse every day when I was 18. Exercise does keep you young!

5. The rainy day Saturday prompted me to want to cook. I tested out a great brocolli cheddar crock pot soup recipe that I highly recommend. It was very easy and gave Panera a run for their money! 

6. This brings me to another summer fades to fall I get so excited. I love the change into the cooler weather, which usually turns me into a baking fiend. I havw always loved that first chill in the air which requires long sleeves. I am not ready yet though to say goodbye to my tan and the pool days so I think I will hold on just a little bit longer!

7. Vacation already feels like a distant memory but it was a beautiful week at the beach with some of our closest friends!. I adored the opportunity we had to be together and enjoy our young families (as exhausting as 5 kids ages 4 and under can be at times :) 

I did take some pictures of course and am working on pulling together a photo book from our week together so forgive me not posting more! I love the above shot my friend grabbed for us in the fading daylight. The kids were "over" it but I was determined to get a family snapshot for the memory book! 

8. I had a funny realization on vacation...I am a Jersey shore girl at heart because all I cared about was "Gym, Tan, and laundry" that week! I was doing my workouts, hitting the beach with the fam and WISHING we had our own laundry. I am apparently a laundry addict at home to try to keep up with it all and not having our own units in our beach condo was driving me a little bonkers....GTL for LIFE!!!

9. MY kids bedtime is JACKED up right now! We usually get them in bed around 7:30/7:45 but the summer has just kept creeping it back and back. This week we have barely got them tucked and settled by 9! They still wake up at the crack of dawn so there's no sleeping in :/ As it get closer to school time again, we need to slowy get it back in order. How are you other mom's dealing with this issue?

10. An August mini session special will be announced this week....keep your eyes peeled!!!


Leaving you with a laugh..... It all comes with the territory!

Have a great week!