Monday Confessions, Polar Vortex

Well it's Monday again and we are still in the middle of this Polar Vortex business where artic air swoops down into our area. I am, like most people, really over it. I love some good snow but this "feels like 3 degrees with the windchill" business needs to head back up to Santa's workshop! 

1. I am a potty training failure. After pushing Max to work on the potty for a solid 5 days with little successes, I am giving it a break. I am hoping as he gets closer to 3, he will take initiative. 

2. I have already showered and used a hair dryer! This is a win....

3. But I have not worked out....I am telling myself I will do a 4 o'clock workout before dinner. 

4. I ate more yesterday than I have eaten in one day in a long time! We had a beautiful brunch to celebrate my mom's retirement at the Hotel DuPont. It was lovely but I ate my weight in yumminess! (See why I need to get to that workout?!) Congrats Mom on your 25 years of faithful service and here's to what's next!!


5. I am taking the kids to an indoor play center today...there, I said it! I am taking them to run their little hearts out even if it costs me a few dollars, it will be worth it if it helps us all survive another day together with better attitudes and grateful hearts!

This pretty much sums up what I want to leave you with today...


Have a great week!