Monday Confessions

       I confess, that some days as a work at home mom (WAHM), I can dread it. I can think about all the ways it's tough, but then I am brought right back into the reality of what a blessing it is. Today has been one of those Mondays that I have been reminded multiple times already what a gift it is to be able to work from home. (If you're new to Monday Confessions posts, it's just where I share a little part of myself and my life by "confessing" what's going on with me!) 

1.  I confess that I already went for my free Dunkin coffee from the Eagles win! We live fairly close to a Dunkin, so Max and I took a walk to get my coffee. Yum!

2. I confess that I gave into my 3 year old begging to walk also to the pet supply store because he loves to visit the animals. They have guinea pigs and usually some kittens that are up for adoption. This is fine with me because I am not tempted to ever take home either a kitten or a guinea pig and it makes little man happy! I figure that kitties waiting for adoption don't mind a little love from a 3 yr old :)

3. I did get in a 21 Day Fix workout before our coffee walk! I did the total body cardio fix and was dripping sweat. I love the 30 minute effective workouts and Max even joined me for this stretching. 

4. Yesterday we had the pleasure of going to with my sister in law to pick up her wedding dress! She's not getting married until next summer but they originally told her it would take super long to make. Macy loved going so much and had to try on a few dresses of her own! I had a flash forward of about 20 years! She's so excited to be a part of the wedding :) 


5. I had a great Saturday full of mini sessions and a wedding this upcoming weekend so I will be holding myself to try to get some photography blogged as well! For those that are clients, I am so thankful for you! I love the fall season for all it's beauty and photography opportunities! 

Have a great week everyone!