Monday Confessions

Hello inter-web friends! It's a crazy Monday as ever but the sun is shining! Why is it I always yearn for things to "slow down" but really I think I just feed off the crazy! We have perfect weather here today so I took kiddos swimming...yes swimming because my in-laws pool is already open and even a little warm! Here's to it almost being summer! I have a few things to confess today...

1. I truly CANNOT believe this is the twins last week of preschool ever! They have preschool graduation on Wednesday, prepping the tissue box now! 

2. Mother's day was lovely. It certainly started nicely with the sun shining and our family heading to church. We were also able to spend a nice lunch out with family and some relax time later in the day. My family was so very sweet to me and I appreciated it!


3. Speaking of Mother's day....if you have not heard of the movie that just opened, Mom's Night Out, you need to get out to see it! It was both hilarios and encouraging. Who knew Trace Adkins could act so well?! He was one of my favorite! 


4. I was in line a couple weeks ago behind a lady in Kohls who had a HUGE purchase. She had a cart full of kids clothing, shoes, etc. I totally get it, new season and kids grow! I have to say though when she got to her total, I had to speak up because I had a coupon on my phone for 15% off your purchase. I let her use it because I guess I can't even let other people spend their own money like crazy?! I saved that lady $65 off her purchase! Always check for coupons my friends before you walk into ANY store!

5. We got to go to Sesame Street Live last Friday too and the kiddos loved it! I definitely recommend it for their age group. I did have one struggle with the kids though, constant begging for things. Anyone else deal with this? As I heard my own advice coming out my mouth, I thought I might try to heed my own words. "When you are continually looking at things you don't have and wishing you had them, you miss all the things in front of you that you do have. You forget to be thankful for what you have!" Guess I will work on taking my own advice!


6. I am going to kick off my first challenge group with Beach Body very soon! If you are interested for a 30 days challenge with accountability and support, drop me an email! I am excited to help you reach your fitness and/or weight loss goals. 

I have to run, many more things calling for my attention today! Hope you have a great week friends!