Monday Confessions - Kisses and Disses

A blogger I love does weekly installments of "Kisses and Disses" to just share what she's loving and not-so-loving at the moment! I thought that would be a good theme for today's confesssions!

First the Disses...things that I am NOT loving right now!

1. House flies...seriously we are being bombarded! I can keep on killing flies (yes I am a heartless fly killer!) and yet I still find more!

2. Cantalope....I TRY so hard to like it but I just don't! I even ate some at lunch because it was at it's peak sweetness and everything. Still don't love it...

3.'s never ending. Even if I wash it, dry it and fold never gets put away.

4. The forever nemesis that I try to fight off. I try not to let the scale dictate feelings or self worth but this week it has me down. I am up about 5 lbs from where I want to be. It could be a myriad of things but the scale can make me feel bad about myself even when it shouldn't. I will do better to not give it the power!


5. Growing Pains...I love that my kids are growing and changing but it can be hard to keep up! This is the sight in my back yard right now... (As always my phone pics upload sideways no matter the alterations I try..forgive, you get the idea) This is a sad, too-small, half-inflated pool that we need to discard but the kids wanted to play in water so badly today! At least they had cool water shooters from their birthday!


Now for the Kisses....things I AM LOVING!

1. Kind words from a client...It really never does cease to go a long way when a client is pleased with my work and they're enjoying it. I don't mean it in an approval sense, but that they are truly being blessed by the memories I captured. A client sharing kind words on the impact of my work helps to remind me to keep going when I am tempted to slow down or gives me drive. I have the most wonderful clients and have recently been much encouraged!

2. Beanitos chips...yes I am talking about chips made from beans. They're delish and I am craving some right now but have none :( 

3. Giving back...I was also recharged this week by being able to use photography to give back. I can't share lots of details and I fear I am also not as humble as I should be in this so I will leave it vague...just thankful for an opportunity to help with photography! It again reminds me of the powerful tool photography can be to change lives for the better!

4. My first 5 years of motherhood in the bag! I cannot believe the twins turned 5 yesterday! We had a great day of celebrating them (and secretly my husband and I were patting ourselves on the back for surviving this far!) We had another HUGE answered prayer happen last week the sale of our former home so we were also celebrating that a bit too :) 

5. Mango Water Ice...if you don't know what this, don't walk to your nearest Rita's water ice and get you some! It's the BEST summer treat in my opinion and I am craving some! But remember what I said about the scale....

6. Food Network...I ADORE all things food network. Here inlies my struggle, I am just as much closet food network freak as I am fitness afficianado! My goal in life right now is to learn how to make great tasting and healthy foods! Dear Pioneer Woman, please adopt me and let me come cook on your ranch :) What's for dinner at your house today friends?!


Hope you all have a great week friends!!