Monday Confessions

    Well another Monday is upon us, although for many it's a holiday! Thank you Christopher Columbus for this one! I have all four kiddos home today and have had them all since Thursday after school! Can you sense me smiling from where you are?! Actually, I can't complain one bit. It was a beautiful weekend and I got caught up on a lot while having some family time as well. 

Yesterday was a beautiful day full of family! It started with dedicating our sweet Benjamin in church. In our denomination we commit to raise the child with the knowledge and love of the Lord until he makes his own decision for baptism. We had a lot of family join and support us yesterday as we made this commitment, as well as our church family. Later in the afternoon, we went to the pumpkin patch! Our kids love this annual tradition!

Here's a shot of mommy & Ben! (Extra points if you can spy daddy in the photo) ALL PHOTOS are credited to Matthew Troutman

So after a very full weekend, I am going to attempt to pick up the house a bit today even with the kids in it! Nonsense I know...

Just a few confessions for you today.

1. I confess that I got my FREE Dunkin Donuts coffee first thing this morning (Thank you Philadelphia Eagles!) and hit the grocery store before most of the world was even up! Feels good to get things going. 

2. I confess that math games homework at 8am should really require a second cup of coffee :)

3. Remember how I got hooked into watching Parenthood? I am in the middle of season 4! I am already dreading when I finish the series and have to say goodbye to the Bravermans! Why are there not more family shows like this on TV?! I have needed tissues almost every episode this season!

4. I am reading Hands Free Life, and like it's predecessor the Hands Free Mama, it's convicting. Just good to remind myself of how to filter through priorities in these very hectic days of raising babies and searching for meaning in it all. I am definitely guilty of distracted living and I want to try to make changes while I can! I don't want my kids to grow up thinking I didn't have time for them or everything else took precedence over them. I confess I really struggle with trying to always be productive and sometimes just miss the moments!

5. I confess that I love to cook in fall! I have been on a "no spending" journey this month (that's a whole different blog post!) so I have been challenged to cook with ingredients in my freezer and pantry. I have to say though it has truly opened my eyes to how much I think I need to "run to the store" but there are other foods I should be using up first! Last week I made a yummy easy corn chowder recipe and what is better than soup in the fall?! Yummy! Share your favorite fall recipe with me!

Have a great week everyone!