Monday Confessions

So I guess I was in a whirl of crazy last Monday and never go to post! Forgive me! Now it's already Halloween week and the year 2016 is knocking on our door...How can this be?! I know I sound like an old lady but these days I also feel like one! 

SO since it's Halloween week, I will make some confessions with that in mind...

1. I confess that Reese's Cups are my favorite candy! I confess that I definitely steal them from my kiddos bags! 

2. I confess that I am NOT a big scary movie fan. I actually don't think I slept for days when I got talked into watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre  in college one time! I just can't handle it....

3. If you're looking for a cute "halloween" book for kids, we love Room on the Broom. It's a cute story about a witch making room on her broom for new friends and in the end, they come to her rescue! Someone else told me about it last year and not only do we enjoy it, I believe Netflix has the short movie of it for viewing as well! 

4. I confess that I don't have anything to dress up as this year. Last year I went out with my kids at a "cow girl" - this year I will just look like "tired mom with a baby answering the door." 

5. I have been listening to Jenny & Tyler's new album, Of This I am Sureand I love it! Their sound is great and I find myself singing the songs. There's a maturity to this album as they grow in life and music. If you like singer/songrwriter music, definitely grab this new album!

6. I confess it was strange to go to a wedding as an actual guest this past weekend. The hubs and I just got to enjoy celebrating with friends! I confess, that I didn't even take a camera! My iPhone 6 was all I had to capture anything and it suited me just fine. I think sometimes we just need to sit back and live the moments! Congrats to Ryan & Lauren! (It was also a fun wedding with some friends from the past as well as the present :)  As for my dress....Anthropolgie sale rack for the win!


Here's to Monday with no free coffee because the Eagles lost...sad day my friends! Have a great week!