Monday Confessions, it's October!

    My dear inter web friends, it's October! Part of me is so happy for this time of year but the other part of me is saying, how on earth can this year be coming to a rapid conclusion?! I love this quote to sum up how I feel a bit....

October also happens to represent a lot of awareness for different groups! So instead of my regular confessions today, I want to make you aware of a group that mean something to me. 

  October is Down Syndrome Awareness month, which is a time to dispel myths about the lives of many living with Down Syndrome. I admittedly did not know much about DS until a few years ago, some of our very best friends had a son born with it. I had other casual friends with kids with DS but I didn't get to spend enough time with them to truly learn. I have learned so much about what this syndrome does mean and what it does not mean through knowing Maddex.

    I don't think I can really roll it all up into one blog post honestly, but I know our little friend Maddex (& his many other friends with DS) have taught our family how to love without reserve. He has shown us that different doesn't at all mean "bad." He has shown us not to underestimate him one bit! He has shown us that perseverance pays off. He has shown us that even if you have to work a little harder for something, you can still achieve it!! 

Here's a photo from the beach this summer with Dex Man waving on the far right...

If you want to learn more about Down Syndrome or give to the cause, the Down Syndrome Association of Delaware is a great place to start!