Saying Goodbye

    I have some very hard news to share and have intentionally left it off of social media while we processed it as a family. I don't really have it in me to write much about it yet as I am already crying just attempting to pen this post. On Friday we said goodbye to our bulldog of almost 9 years. He had seen us through all our babies coming home, our house move, and was basically our sidekick through most of our almost ten year marriage. When a dog ages, things can get hard. This was a heartbreaking decision but was a long time coming with various issues involved.

   Some would say well "he was just an animal" but animals become a huge part of your life and family for the time that they are with you. My kids only know life with Doz in the house. It has been really their first life lesson in loss. As with any grief though, I am sure it will come in moments or waves. We will be reminded of him in the strangest ways I am sure. We have already felt his loss deeply. We feel it, even at moments like pulling in the driveway and knowing he won't be here to greet us. As heavy as our hearts are, we know he's at peace. I prefer the 'all dogs go to heaven' philosophy (not really here to defend that one, just easier for me at this moment). 

Dozer buddy, we already miss you like crazy but we know you've made it over the rainbow bridge and are a peace. May there be tug of war ropes and plenty of sunshine for you to lay in wherever you are....