Monday Confessions, On turning 33

       Well it's another winter week with a snow let down! We thought we would have a storm today but it looks more like rain :) I have been wishing for at least one big storm for the kids to get to have a snow day! Growing up with a February birthday in the North East often meant birthday parties canceled or rescheduled due to snow storms. I have to say though, I still love the snow!  I know that having a birthday is always a blessing. Turning another year and new chapter is a great part of life, but sometimes those gray hairs will drag you down! SO here goes confessions…

1. I took a Facebook break over the weekend. I think (like many people), I have let too much of the social media information fill up my brain and heart when it's just not necessary. I also think we can tend to underestimate how much time we spend scrolling on our phones as opposed to living in the moment. I know I have talked about this before but I think it's going to be an ongoing battle living in this era. It was nice for me to see that I wasn't missing "urgent" things and could really take a two day break without issues. I was challenged by another mom that posted she has "phone free time" from 3 - 8 pm, where she just docks it and checks it later. Thoughts on this?

2. I had heard little bits about IF:Gathering going on in Austin, TX over the weekend. I was SO blessed to be able to tune into a couple of the sessions that were recorded. In the nice absence of social media, it was great to instead use technology to fill my soul with some wisdom. So far some of the best talks I listened to were by Jen Hatmaker and Shelley Giglio. I only got to a couple sessions but I am waiting to see if they will release download options for the sessions I didn't see (looks like everything is not available to watch anymore as of this morning). It's definitely worth the investment!

3. Zombie fans…I was so disappointed in last night's The Walking Dead episode. I felt like the show had more commercials than the super bowl and they killed off another central character! (I won't spoil anything)….but I just don't know if I will hang in there with this show. My hubby loves it so I try to bond with him over it, but it' just too much for me sometimes. It definitely went from bad to worse. 

4. My friends that love FREE and Chick Fila in the same sentence?! There's FREE COFFEE all month long at your local Chick Fila :) You're welcome!

5. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I confess…I am going straight up store bought for my kiddos! They are loving their Disney Fairies and Star Wars Valentines to write to their classmates. I don't need the Pinterest Pressure to go whipping up some creation that I will regret and other moms will eventually throw out. It's OK to buy Valentines in the grocery store!!! xoxoxo

Here's to a great week my friends!