Sweet Newborn on a Snow Day!

        Well I missed my usual Monday Confessions post, forgive me! Our schedule has been all over the place with weather, school cancellations, and spring break starting today for the twins. Yes, I sense the irony of spring break starting in the middle of a blizzard! This season is definitely teaching me a bit about embracing the change and trying to roll with it. One thing I had time for was to catch up with a dear friend and her sweet newborn! He was just 6 days new in these photos and yes, he was a nine pounder! He's got the sweetest cheeks and lips! If this doesn't warm your heart today, I don't know what will :)  


(I would like to say that this "session" occurred amidst a play date with 3 preschool age kids and a toddler running all around, taking photos over my shoulder, hugging the baby, etc all while trying to photograph him for a minute. Rolling with it, right?! :)