Monday Confessions, Baby Week!!

       Hello my internet friends, sorry I have been MIA the last couple Mondays. I had the very best intentions of blogging but you know how that can go. The good news is that I have been fitting in family, baby preparations and wrapping up photo sessions from this first half of summer in order to be ready for baby's arrival this Friday! Yes, I know…THIS FRIDAY. Not possible right?! I assure you it is and I am counting down. I am most certainly in that space of being aware of what is coming but also anxious to meet this little man. So what has been going on that I need to confess you ask?

1. I confess even at 9 months pregnant, I am not beyond flattery. At a friends baby shower last weekend her sweet cousin said to me, "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Malin Ackerman?" After I stopped laughing like a school girl, I thanked her for making my day! I will take that compliment and run with it for months…. Maybe it was just a really good hair day!

This is Malin…

This is Malin…

And I currently look like this…haha…one of these is not like the other?! 

And I currently look like this…haha…one of these is not like the other?! 

2. This leads me to my next confession though, I was NOT going to do any maternity photos this time around. It seems so crazy coming from a photographer right? Well I struggle with all the same things other mamas do about bodies and babies and image, etc. It was a sweet photographer friend, Christina Vance, that caught me at the right moment and I had a change of heart. Boy am I glad that I did have that change of heart or I would've missed out on getting some beautiful images of baby boy still in my belly! (I would also probably have to explain later to child number 4 why he had no photos like his brothers and sister!)  If you are in need of a maternity or newborn photographer in the next but while I am on maternity leave, please feel free to contact Christina and tell her I sent you! 

3. I confess that I cannot WAIT to get back into my fitness routine. The last 8 weeks have really prevented me from doing much other than taking care of my kiddos, house, work and some walking. I have literally been having dreams of running and burpees….I know, that might be cause for questioning my sanity. But if you know me, you know that exercise has become a form of sanity for me in recent years so I will behave myself and wait until I am cleared for exercise but you better believe when the time comes, I will be ready! I might huff and puff but I will be thankful for the body that allowed me to bring another life into the world and not beat myself up! One day at a time… (Shaun T's new CIZE program releases today! Let me know if you want in on the dance party!!)

4. Last week I heard a great quote, "your children are not your vanity project." I am sorry I already forget to give credit for that but it has really got me thinking. The author was saying that it's OK if kids want to go out in rain boots or mismatched clothing, they're kids! We do not need to extend our own vanity to them on a daily basis. This has been a bit freeing for me. I will obviously enforce mama's authority for certain venues or situations but if you see my kid running around in tall Batman socks when it's 90 degrees, please know that's because he chose them! 

5. My 3 kids are all swimming in the deep end without assistance!!! This is a big summer for us! It has been so exciting to watch them all blossom in the pool and just have a blast in general when it comes to swimming. Last week they started asking how to dive…we might need to find a swim team in their future!

6. I recently finished up reading Liane Moriarty's Big Little Lies.  I enjoyed the read very much. It was easy to get into, and also to pick up and put down, which are essentials for me at this point. It was a sometimes funny insight into the world of kindergarten parents but also shined a bit of light on domestic violence. Domestic violence really can hide behind a variety of closed doors. 




7. We had a little special treat and got to escape to the beach this weekend to spend time together, as well as with some family and friends. I am so thankful that I feel like we have packed in so much this summer together as a family! Is there anything better than reading a book in a chair while your kids happily play?! The hubby caught a shark though…and I REALLY don't know how I feel about that?! Where was it's big mama shark?!!!

8. This morning's verse in my devotional, Savor, had perfect timing! "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9 I might find myself clinging to that truth a lot in the weeks to come! 

Well my friends, it might be a few weeks before you hear from me on the blog but please follow on Instagram or Facebook to hear baby updates or momentary insanity confessions :) Say a prayer for us for our delivery on Friday morning!