Monday Confessions

      Oh the joy of Monday....feet hitting the floor and coffee being poured. Ok lets be honest, it's not always joy. It can feel daunting but at the same time, it's a fresh start. Every Monday is an opportunity to start over! So here with are with a new week ahead and I should get some confessions off my chest...

1.   I  confess that I finished all 6 seasons of the show Parenthood and I ADORED it! I know they're just fictional characters but the show touched on SO many different aspects of family life. I have to admit, it also made me feel better about having four kids. It can be daunting many days with four young children, but this show reminded me that the long haul is a beautiful thing! What other shows like this did I miss along the way? What should I check out next?

2.  I remember as a girl scout, we used to eat this snack called "puppy chow." I know, normally we should be offended by eating something referring to dog food but it's so yummy you won't care! It's been revived on the Chex site, as "muddy buddies" (more appealing name :). Check out the recipe here if you want a fun and easy snack to make with kiddos. (It does have peanut butter so might not be a good allergy friendly option).

3. Although after this snack talk, it's making me hungry! I have to say though, slow and steady wins the race. I got on some jeans yesterday that hadn't fit in a while! One day at a time friends...(and I did the happy dance!) I did live through the 21 Day Fix Total Body cardio workout this morning!  (Some people have been asking if I am still coaching and indeed I am. Contact me if you're interested in making a change to your health and fitness.) 

4. Can I just say that neighbors are a blessing? If you don't know your neighbors, get out and meet them. We have been blessed with a few good ones (although there are a few we would be happy to live without!) I know where that whole "it takes a village" saying comes from, because our neighbors often have our back. 

5. Did you catch that Vikings and Seahawks game yesterday?! All I could think of was Ace Ventura and "laces out!" I hope that kicker doesn't go crazy over that miss. 

6. I confess I drive around and see ugly houses for sale and think "What would Jojo do to make that better?" If you don't know about my (& many other people's) design crush, check out Fixer Upper on HGTV.

Well friends, I think that's it for me today, I must get moving on other tasks and loving on these crazy kids! Big hugs to you and have a great week!