Monday Confessions

   So remember last year how I had this "resolution" to be more active in documenting every day life? I really don't think I made consistent strides in that area though this year, as much as I wanted to. I have some exciting news though that this year I am joining in the Project Ten gang! This is a wonderful and very talented group of photographers that commit to one post each month, with ten photos on the tenth, of personal work. 

The gang from last year was:

Rebecca Bender (Winfield, IA) – 

Claire Bunn (Philadelphia, PA) – 

Katie Hall (Newark, Delaware)- 

Cait Jensen (West Chester, PA) – 

Kelly Lapp (Lancaster, PA) 

Lisa O’Brien – (Wrentham, Massachusetts) – 

Paula Richwine (Newark, Delaware) – 

Parker Slaton (Newark, Delaware) – 

Lisa Turner(Chattanooga, TN) – 

Rae Barnes (Philadelphia, PA) -

I am part of the newbie group adding for this year along with Stacy Hart, Heather Butler, Pleasant Vonnoh, and Erin Greggerson.

I am really excited to be pushed in this direction because I both want to document more real life, as well as using my camera outside of working endeavors! Check back on the tenth to see what I come up with...

As for this Monday of being back to reality with work, school, and other commitments, I am thankful for grace upon grace this morning!