Monday Confessions

If I am honest, I really don't know where this post will take me this morning. I am telling myself to "keep it light" and steer away from controversial topics. Don't you feel like everything can quickly turn into a controversial topic these days? Even the fact that it's Columbus Day is apparently being argued against. SO I will attempt to share my heart with what comes to the surface this morning...

On  a high note, Macy had her very first trip to NYC yesterday for a friend's birthday adventure in the American Girl. I missed all of my boys but it was fun to have an adventure with just my girl! We loved the special treat that it was to do lunch in the American Girl Cafe in their Fifth Avenue store! Although it was a very short trip, Macy felt all the New York magic and said, "I love it here Mom! I want to come back and stay!" I figured that wouldn't be the best time to tell her I never got an overnight NYC stay until my 30th birthday but I digress :) The whole experience in the cafe was darling, including the dolls receiving their own chairs, plates and cups! (pardon the iPhone shots, big camera stayed home)

1. I am reading Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton. Let me just say up front that she's a beautiful writer. She is really sharing every detail of her story in a way that takes you there, but if I am honest, some of it is hard to be there with her in. I am not saying that she shouldn't be sharing, bravo for her bravery in truth telling. I am saying though that when she writes about the hard things, I find myself thinking about how they apply to all of us. I am simultaneously reading Brene Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection,  which actually is a good combination of reads. The tag line on her book is "Let go of who you think you're supposed to be and embrace who you are." Who doesn't want that?! If you don't think you will pick up the book, she shares a lot of the same ideas in this podcast episode.  (It was my first listen to the Deconstructionists Podcast)

2. I've been listening to a variety of podcasts lately. You all know I love Jamie Ivey's Happy Hour, Stuff You Missed in History Class, God Centered Mom and  Focus on the family. I've just found that when I am spending my mom taxi time in the car without any kids, I try to listen to things that I can learn from or be encouraged by. What's one of my favorite episodes I've listened to lately? Glad you asked. I actually was really encouraged by a recent episode of Focus on the Family featuring Dr. Tony Evans. The title of the podcast is Voting as a Kingdom Citizen and it really helped me to see what the  bible has to say about participating in government. I think I actually will listen to it for a second time because I need to hear the truth so badly and not fall prey to all of the hyperbolic voices out there.


3. I confess I did not watch the presidential debate last night, I got home too late from NYC but I recorded it. I can't decide if I actually want to go back and watch it?! Yay or nay friends? 

 4. I got derailed last month from my workout plan with sickness. I hate when that happens so I am working on figure out what is next for my workouts. I wanted to get in some more fall running with this beautiful weather but have found it hard to get out of the house alone! Today kids are all home from school so I am hoping to the the park with them for a walk/bide ride.

5. I may or may not be rematching all the old Gilmore Girls episodes on Netflix in order to prepare for the new release season coming next month! I wasn't a religious watcher because they came out while I was in college and I was otherwise busy. I definitely did watch it from time to time though so it feels a bit nostalgic. (I've already watched all the Fuller House episodes multiple times with my kids :) 

6. My current favorite nail color is OPI, I Sing in Color. It's apparently a part of the Gwen Stefani color collection but it's sort of a dark wine color and I am digging it for fall.

 Well my friends, the Eagles had a tough loss today so we will no be receiving the benefits of free Dunkin' coffee today. I don't know why free coffee makes Monday so much better, but in the words of Lorelai Gilmore, "I can't stop drinking the coffee. I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and the walking and the words putting into the sentence doing." Happy Monday friends!