Monday Confessions

Friends, it's Christmas week! How on earth?! It's not just the "how is it all going to get done" feeling today for me, but "how is it really the end of another year?!" I have one more Monday Confession for 2016 after this. That really is just hard for me to wrap my brain around. Have I mentioned also that my kids started Christmas break at noon last Friday?! Um yes....ask me how long two of my kids have been playing Mario Kart today?!

In the spirit of keeping it real though, here's today's confessions....

1.  I run about an 11:30 mile on a good day right now. I know, it's slow. I tell myself though that the turtle still beat the hare in the end, right?!

2. There are serious messes in EVERY closet in my house. The crazy thing is that I still know where 99% of everything is, even in the hidden mess. I get annoyed at my kids asking me where everything is, but in reality, I know where they are usually! In my BC life (Before Children), I was very organized and meticulous or so I thought. Now I just shove it in the closet and survive!

3. I confess that I sometimes cut my own hair. Usually it's just the bangs but I've been known to cut it now and then too. 

4. We have an artificial Christmas tree with a cage around it. Two things I SWORE I would never do. Because kids....

5. If you need a good Christmas station, go to Pandora (or Apple Music or whatever you like) and create an Ella Fitzgerald Holiday station for yourself. You will thank me! I have had it on continuously!

6. Need some good slippers? These UGG Dakota Mocs have hardly left my feet since the cold hit!


7. I have a new favorite holiday dip recipe that we love (don't judge it for nutritional value, it's just a treat!) This Zesty Corn Dip will have you going back for more! If you don't like spice, you can eliminate the jalapeño! 

8. I am in the middle of reading Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley. It's good but a little different than I expected. It's in a similar vein as Present Over Perfect  By Shauna Niequist but some different additions and perspectives. I shared this image over my Instagram (@etroutman) earlier this week when I snuck out for a pedicure! 

9. Need a last minute gift idea for a friend or me? :) I still haven't gotten to grab the Magnolia Story and I am sure the book is as charming as the couple! 

10. I am still finishing up a few Christmas cards that either went rogue and came back to me, or those that I was waiting on addresses! It's one of those things that might feel like a to-do but I get so much joy from receiving Christmas cards that I know it's totally worth it! I am genuinely impressed with all of you that get the whole family photo, because I've pretty much resorted to just trying to get the 4 kids in!

I am going to attempt at fitness class later this afternoon at SDF  so if ya'll don't hear from me soon, you know what happened!  (chuckle...but for real, I've been inconsistent and a class might get me!)