Monday Confessions

      Well it's February and my birthday week. I have been doing a lot of thinking, mostly prompted by me listening to a lot of the messages from IF: Gathering over the weekend. (If you are a lady and love Jesus and haven't heard of IF, you're missing out!) There were so many beautiful messages and stories shared that it's hard to really just point out one.

      The other side to my feelings this morning is that I woke up to hear the news that my great Uncle had passed away from continued illness and complications. Our family is on the smaller side and we have all stuck close over the years. We all include aunts, uncles and cousins when we can at functions so we grew up knowing everyone with the memories to match. The reality of aging, loss and heartache always snap us right back into a real perspective don't they? 

    In trying to assimilate my thoughts for this post, here's what's standing out. We need to be living for what matters. In Jennie Allen's talk from IF, she drove home the point that WE ARE ENOUGH. She said that once you have nothing left to prove or protect, that's where the freedom is. That has been stirring in my heart a lot since Saturday. I get weighed down SO MUCH but things that I really don't have any business worrying about. I don't need to prove a thing, I am ENOUGH. She urged us towards confession and authenticity. 

     The other message that has stayed with me was one from David Platt. Although it was hilarious with him sharing some early love letters to his wife, which often included the word "dude," he was genuinely urging us to see things as simple. We are to love others and share the gospel. It doesn't always have to be complicated.

     So on this gray February Monday, as I cover up the gray hair, buy better skin cream and curse gravity's effect on my body, I will remember that I am ENOUGH. I can let go of trying to prove things and just be.  My goal for 2016 was to work through my passions and purposes to try to weed out anything I am was spending energy on that didn't fit. These talks both help me in thinking through that. I can sit back and filter through what matters, allowing me to focus on those things. One thing is for sure, life is fleeting and time is short.

A verse from both personal bible study and from the conference talks has made itself fresh to me this week, 

"Look at the nations and watch—
    and be utterly amazed.
For I am going to do something in your days
    that you would not believe,
    even if you were told." Habakkuk 1:5

Have a great week my friends!