Monday Confessions, some summer favorites!

   Hello, can you all believe it's July 4 next week? I, for one, cannot!! I just survived a week with double vacation bible school week at our church and if you have ever been a part of one of those, you know the feeling! I have officially survived the first 4 weeks of summer with all four kids at home. So for this Monday morning friends, I thought it might be a good time for an installment of some things I am loving instead of my regular confessions! 

(For those that are keeping an eye out for my book recommendations, that will be it's own blog post coming soon!)

1. Friends, grocery pick up, has revolutionized my life a bit this summer. You probably can't be a control freak and use this service, but in the interest of keeping my sanity, I am embracing it! I do not want to drag four uncooperative children into forage for food. I order everything online and then pick it up at a specific time! I feel like I am actually more organized with my list and coupons, as well as not throwing all kinds of extra items in the cart. Shop Rite provides this service in my area and there's usually even coupon codes. You pull up to the front row parking spot, call in the number and they BRING the food out to you! Life changing! (And if you are having a baby or something else that's making it really hard to get out, they will even deliver!)

2. Steph Rothstein, an amazing female runner/athlete who shares REAL photos of herself! Her running posts inspire me to hit the pavement but also I love the message she's sharing. It's not only OK to be different after having babies, but it can still be beautiful! 

3. We all love Chip & Jojo, but because I pre-ordered their Magnolia Story book, I got to read the first chapter! Of course, it's the story of their first date and of course I ADORED it! 

4. Summer is the perfect time to embrace iced drinks! If you are following along at all, I have 4 kids at home all summer and am still trying to run a business. Iced coffee in the afternoon is a perfect pick me up! I am loving this caramel Starbucks version straight from the grocery store....

5. Running! I have gotten back into it. Call me a fair weather runner if you want but honestly I think that I just need some breathing room out of the house when I work out. Running has been a perfect outlet to burn some calories and clear my head (but I may have a broken toe. Another story for another day...) Do you have a favorite distance plan or track workout to share with me?

6. If you liked Downton Abbey, there's a new PBS show called Home Fires (I watched through Amazon Prime.) It's based on a novel and it's a story of a group of ladies who rallied around their town during WWII. I liked the characters and of course the beautiful scenery.  I never really tire of the WWII genre so I say keep bringing it! Season 1 is only 6 episodes, which I got through fairly quickly as my laundry folding show! 


7. For mother's day I got a really cute t-shirt from Milk and Honey T's. I have the gray one that says Be Still but I would adore any and all of them in my closet! This T is super soft and perfect for summer!

8. I am really loving the time with my kids...I know it sounds crazy because it feels impossible and hard (which IT IS!), but it's also good. Life can be GOOD and HARD at the same time. I think we lose sight of this sometimes. I feel crazy trying to schedule work time around them but at the same time, I am soaking in the moments and memories. My husband has even been home for lunch with us most days, so although I feel like we are tearing through food with everyone, it's been a lot of together time! 

Drooling and crawling are his jam these days...

Drooling and crawling are his jam these days...

9. This isn't a favorite but it's a question, what is Hamilton? What am I missing? What is the excitement? Do I need to listen to the music? 

10. What's my next show I need to watch? Matt and I are still in the middle of Blacklist but might need a new suggestion! 

 A full book review post is coming soon on my latest reads...I hope this is a start to another great week for you friends!