To Ben on his first birthday

  Dear Benjamin,

    In a way, I wonder how it has only been 12 months that you've been with us because we cannot imagine our family without you! You've brought something to us that we didn't even know we needed! Your sweet smile and hearty giggles are like balm to our souls. You pop up in your crib with a good morning grin each day and have been the certainly the cutest roommate I've ever had (sorry daddy). 

We decided to name you Benjamin, as Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob. Your middle name, Dewey, came from Daddy's beloved Poppop who lives in heaven. We wanted you to know your legacy and hold your place as our little caboose, our youngest son. 

Your baby days have been different for me in so many ways than with your siblings. Maybe it's because I know you're my last or maybe it's because I brought you home to other big kids. With your big siblings, life was an absolute blur of moments. We moved into our current home with 3 kids in cribs and diapers. When you made your appearance, everyone was potty trained and not a baby toy in sight. You have had everyone to dote on you. It has been sweet to see your big brothers and sister adore you! You patiently listen as they try to read to you. You smile as you terrorize their big kids games and toys. They joke that you're a little bit like "baby godzilla" to their lego creations. You have single handedly brought so much more love and joy into our home. You're affectionately called "cute boy" around here, which I am sure you will just love when you're older! 

Yes, Mommy is more tired than ever with more gray hair than ever. Yes, Daddy has had a whirlwind of days and nights between work and family. We are more confident as parents with you but more acutely aware of the speediness of time. We know these moments won't keep and you're determined to grow. We do subtly see ourselves becoming smitten with you, therefore creating that "baby of the family gets away with everything" mentality. I absolutely can see how that can happen! So much of your first year you've been along for the ride of where the family was already headed. You happily rode along to many school drop offs and pick ups (ok, a few of those rides weren't so happy)! It's been more fun celebrating your firsts with your siblings cheering you on and getting excited for you. We look forward to continuing to watching you grow in this life. We will count it a joy to shepherd you and see what God has in store for the sweet boy with the big blue eyes and charm! 

May this blessing ring true over your little life,

‘May the Lord bless you
    and protect you.
May the Lord smile on you
    and be gracious to you.
May the Lord show you his favor
    and give you his peace.’ Numbers 6:22-27

With so much love from Mommy! Xoxo.

July 24, 2016,  Rehoboth Beach Delaware

July 24, 2016,  Rehoboth Beach Delaware