Project TEN - September

     Our summer went out with a great big bang! Matt's parents were able to surprise the kids with a trip to Disney on our last week before school started. I honestly had no idea how I could edit over 1,000 photos down to ten but I just pulled out ten that I thought were sweet moments. This handful of images are ways that I will remember the kids on this trip forever. Max with his Goofy hat will be burned in my brain as how he was on the week he went to kindergarten. Ben with his first set of Mickey ears sitting in front of the castle will be another memory I keep. So everything from watching parades to chatting with Cinderella will be a little time capsule for us of our trip to Disney. I am so thankful for our kids to be able to build all these memories not only with us, but with their grandparents. We've had quite a few reminders lately of how short life is! We've been in a whirlwind since we got home from the trip with starting school and adventures that left one sweet princess with stitches. Hope your summer ended as well as ours did! 

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