Monday Confessions, End of October


           How are we headed into Halloween tomorrow and the last 2 months of the year?! I have been plugging away at work and home life, yet still generally feeling behind. I have been pretty inconsistent with my Monday Confessions lately, which I am sorry for but I am back today! We have lots of excitement around here this week with a wedding in the family! 

 1. I confess that I am excited for cooler weather if it will ever come to stay?!!

2. I have been trying to put at least one thing on my calendar each week that's about serving someone else. This was some advice I was given months ago and it does seem to keep my attitude in the right place. Meeting a need, large or small, for another person helps me to remember I am part of a larger story and blessed enough to help. 

3. Other advice that I heard and have applied lately is to try to do at least one thing each day that can't get "undone." What do I mean by that? Things like laundry and dishes can get undone in an instant...there's always just more. Things that can't get undone are work items like a blog post or a house project or task on my to-do list. This helps my productivity-loving heart feel like I am accomplishing a thing or two. 

4. I am secretly (not anymore) excited that the Eagles are on a winning streak. I've grown up watching the Eagles and although I am not really a hardcore football fan in anyway, it's just more fun when they win!  Am I the only one who thinks of the Silver Linings Playbook characters when the Eagles play?! :) And don't forget the discount Dunkin' coffee when they win....

(Image from yesterday's game and from the internet! Hilarious!)

(Image from yesterday's game and from the internet! Hilarious!)

5. I am in the middle of a few books at the moment and I am not sure which ones I will read until the end. I'm caught up in a few non-fiction that are great, but take more mental and emotional engagement to stay into. The fiction book I am in the middle of I just can't decide if I want to keep going... do you give up on books you aren't loving?! What's the best thing you've read lately?

6. I am LOVING this awesome pot-roast recipe from Rachel Hollis that I made last week and my family was pretty glad with it too. The best part is doing the hand pies recipe with the leftovers too!! Making a good pot roast makes me feel legit as a mom! Rachel Hollis' blog is pretty fun too!

Image from the Chic Site

Image from the Chic Site

7.  I confess I can't get into Stranger Things like my husband but I have watched parts of it with him. Why can't I ever love Sci-fi?! It's just NEVER been my thing. Even in fourth grade we read A Wrinkle in Time and I couldn't grasp the story. Reading the books 1984 and Ayn Rand's Anthem in eleventh grade about put me over the mental edge. Maybe I have a defective imagination?!

8. My current favorite show is Poldark on PBS. Don't hate,  it's so good! I've heard the books are really good too but just no time to check them out right now. 


I hope you have a great week! Unless the stars align, I won't be posting another blog until next Monday. Between Halloween and the wedding this week, we are out almost every evening!