Monday Confessions, Advent is here

"O holy night the stars are brightly shining
It is the night of our dear Savior's birth
Long lay the world in sin and error pining
Till He appeared and the soul felt its worth
A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices
For yonder breaks a new glorious morn" - O Holy Night
My 3 big kids are learning the words to "O Holy Night" to be sung at church and I confess, it's been sometimes so sweet to hear them singing this beautiful truths, albeit in maybe not so beautiful tones! I find the words so encouraging. Today in light of the advent season, I thought I would share some ways that I am finding in adding to the meaning of the season and not just rushing through the motions. 

1. I just finished up reading Loving My Actual Christmas by Alexandra Kuykendall and I found it really helpful. I tend to like her writing style and practical advice on how she tackles the every day. I think it also poignant that she wrote this right after losing her beloved step-father so she tackles dealing with the grief of losing a loved one and that first holiday season without them. If you find yourself with a fresh loss in your life, this might speak to you. 

 If you're not a reader or realistically have no time, Alexandra did a great 20 minute video sharing some encouragement from the highlights of her book for MOPS International.  Watch or even just listen to this video to bring you thoughts on how to tackle your Christmas season with intention and joy!

By the way, if you live in my town and are looking for a place to connect with other moms, we have our own MOPS group coming in January!!! SO excited for this prayer to become a reality! 

2. She Reads Truth Advent series Joy to the World is also fantastic. I was lucky enough to get a hard copy of the beautiful book and I think it will also add to my enjoyment of the season this year. It just started yesterday with the first Sunday of Advent so you're not behind at all and can read along online or in the app!

3. Desiring God is also offering a free devotion seriesGood News of Great Joy,  with advent devotional if you're interested in reading something daily up until christmas.

In case you're wondering, I won't necessarily be doing all of these but I am trying to choose to challenge myself to less social media and more intentional reading this month. One thing I love is that you can look at all of these online, so if you're waiting in the doctors office or sitting in the car pool line, redeem a few moments of meaning for yourself and read one on your phone. Joy to the world!