Monday Confessions, February morning

    I woke up to the hustle and bustle of a normal Monday around here, with the exception of the realization that it's my birthday week. I have been all over the place about turning 35 (Hello! It's super, uncomfortably close to 40 right?!!). Some days I am totally fine because it's just a number, but other days I have found myself walking down memory lane wondering just how it has gone this fast?! I was just 30...  It's Monday though, so life goes on and so do my duties! Here goes a few confessions for you...

Shauna Niequist's blueberry crisp was my breakfast of choice!

Shauna Niequist's blueberry crisp was my breakfast of choice!

1.     I had some frozen berries that inspired this berry crisp for breakfast. Plop some greek yogurt on a warm bowl of this and you'll have a heavenly start to your day! I honestly could eat the whole thing myself, but alas, this is not a good idea for 35 year olds :)  This also works as a lighter dessert if you're looking for ideas. (It is considered clean eating too as a bonus) Check out the recipe here on Dinner a Love Story.

2.    I confess I am on my second cup of coffee, but at least the second cup I made was decaf. 

3.    I missed listening to the live stream of IF:Gathering in Austin, TX over the weekend. It's a powerful women's conference full of well known authors and speakers, but that's not all. It's a place for women to be encouraged in their faith and told to live in their own spheres making a difference for Jesus. The messages come not just from those well known people, but every day ladies living for Jesus. Thankfully they are allowing the messages to be streamed through today, so get on a check it out! I had the bluetooth speaker on in my kitchen while doing all my daily duties. I've already been challenged and encouraged while folding clothes and loading the dishwasher!

      I admit that I am often cynical about technology and it's affect on this. Opportunities like this though, make me thankful for all these technological advances! Get on the site and get encouraged today! (Only available through today for free or you can order the digital downloads).

4.   I confess I am thankful for both encouragement and coffee this morning because I am a small business owner in tax season. Can you hear the sigh coming from me? It's no fun, but I try to remind myself that it's a privilege to live in a country where I can own my own business. It's a gift to own a flexible business that allows me to be with my kids daily. So if you find me buried under all these papers and receipts, just remind me of my own words!

5.    How about that super bowl last night?! It was such an exciting game even though I confess I am not a huge NFL watcher. I was rooting for the underdog but those Patriots just kicked it into high gear at the end! I don't even know what to say about Lady Gaga but she sure did put on a show. What do you think? Did you love her performance? 

In a world where you can be a lot of things, lets just try to be kind. That's my goal in life today! A "recent reads" post will be coming on the blog soon as well! Have a fantastic week friends!