Monday Confessions

Hello friends, welcome to a new week. Is it possible that we are already into the last full week of April 2017?! Our house has definitely been dragging this morning a bit. Benjamin decided to just lay on the kitchen floor as soon as he came down stairs. I sort of feel the same way after a full weekend! I've already had a full morning as well with a photo session and wrangling my beloved toddler (thank goodness for friends who help you with your kiddos so you can work)! 

Inspiration image from the most recent  Magnolia Journal

Inspiration image from the most recent Magnolia Journal

You ready for my confessions? Here we go...

1. Saturday was rainy and plans were canceled so we spent and entire day cleaning out our basement! I know this is probably horrifying to some of you because how could people need to clean a basement for an entire day, right? Well for the last 5 and half years, the basement has been a collect all. I apologize in advance to our garbage collector and the earth but I feel SO much better with a lot of things gone. We took a truck load to goodwill as well! Whew!

2. I heard a quote recently from Winston Churchill that resonated with me, "America always does the right thing, after exhausting every other option." That is a lot of us right?! Trying to do the right thing but checking out all of our options first. (Anyone else watch the Crown on Netflix?!)

3. What good books are you reading friends? I just finished Freefall to Fly by Rebekah Lyons. It was a good read! Book review blog post hopefully coming soon...

4. I confess that I'm digging these light gray jeans with the open hem bottom for spring. What do you think?

5. Speaking of clothing, I am SLOWLY but surely getting back into smaller sizes so I am in a big need of a closet organization and spring is the perfect time. I'm going to check out the latest Magnolia Journal with Joanna's tips on closet organizing (Can't I just trade my closet for hers?! :)  Nothing would fit me but her jewelry but I would love to try ;)

Here's to a great week ahead friends!