Monday Confessions

          Rain on a Monday should not be allowed! It's hard to be motivated with a rainy Monday but that's where discipline kicks in. I have found myself in the middle of many tasks today but all along listening to the rain. I sat for a minute earlier and just watched it fall from the sky. It's good to just stop and take life in! I confess I've been hurried and busy and guilty of being addicted to productivity. It's a constant learning curve for me!  Im the middle of my addiction to productivity though, I've been forcing myself to slow down, even if for just small bits of time.

    One of my rest activities (I know, oxymoron right?!) is reading and I have started back in on the Anne of Green Gables series that I liked as a kid. An excerpt I read last night was Anne gathering flowers among the fields in May and she says,

" I'm so sorry for people who live in lands where there are no Mayflowers."

I fully agree as I take in the beauty of these peonies from my mother-in-law's garden! I love their beauty and their scent (the ants I accidentally brought in, not so much :) So even as it pours today, I have some reminder of how the April showers do indeed bring the Mayflowers! Have a  beautiful week friends!