Monday Confessions, Podcast Roundup

If you have talked to me in person at all recently, you’ve probably heard me utter the words, “I heard on a podcast…” and then fill you in on some kind of wisdom from household tips to interesting spiritual input. Podcasts are such a fun, modern way to engage in media. I equate podcasts to radio shows, but you can choose the theme or topic. There are SO MANY different good ones though and I am sure that I will BARELY scratch the surface here, but here’s a handful of podcasts that I check into regularly or have found helpful.

If you aren’t sure how to even listen to a podcast, look for this application on your apple phone and you can get started from there! You can search and listen. If you have bluetooth in your car, you can listen through your phone. I listen to podcasts during my drive time or exercise time mostly.

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Happy Our with Jamie Ivey: I often joke that this show was the gateway drug into other podcasts. Jamie Ivey’s show is by women and for women (with a rare episode including men). It’s a faith based show that weaves in the faith story of each person she interviews. She interviews everyone from very famous and well known women, all the way to women who have just survived something incredible or awful …and how they come through on the other side with their faith in tact. I have listened tothi’s show for year and the stories have stayed with me. It is an hour episode usually. so plan accordingly. She always ends the interview with three things she is loving and what she’s reading. I love that part too and have found some awesome book and goods recommendations from that list! This includes my current manicure, a recommendation from last week’s episode!

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The Dropout from ABC news: It’s based on the Elizabeth Holmes tale involving her scheme to prove to the world she had the newest technology on blood drawing. Season 1 has 6 episodes and it walks us through how this young woman goes from Stanford dropout to running billion dollar company. (If you liked Serial or other true crime, this will be up your alley).

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The Daily: New York Times puts on these short 20 minute episodes of the latest news and popular stories. As a mom, it can be hard to get timely news and information. If I just want to hear the short version of recent hot topics in the news, this is a great way to listen.

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Behind the Scenes with Jeremy & Audrey Roloff: These two were made well know from the Little People, Big World reality tv show, but their podcast is focused on marriage. I have only listened to a few but so far so good! This podcast is also faith based so they bring that element into the marriage conversation, which I appreciate. There can be heavy topics but I also find it encouraging that such a young couple is so pro-marriage!

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Young House Love has a Podcast: This is about all things interiors and sometimes just fun chats. It’s full of casual decorating ideas and DIY advice. Sherry and John Petersik are the married couple that started the Young House Love blog over a decade ago and have influenced so many in recent years on what it means to be at home. The latest episode is “the most high inducing DIY projects among couples” - so who can’t relate?!

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In the Word on the Go with Champ Thornton: This is a short and simple bible focused show around ten minutes per episode, focusing on one verse at a time. It really just breaks down a verse and not only what it means in context but what it has meant to the person being interviewed on the episode. If you’re trying to find more ways to get in scripture on your own, or even with your kids, this is such a great, short podcast for that!


The Lazy Genius: I am newer to this series but I am finding them super helpful. I actually listened to the laundry episode twice and am contemplating on listening to the morning routine episode again as well. I am trying to bring in some streamlining to processes in my life and that’s exactly what this podcast is about. She talks about processes and home care topics. Her tagline is, “Be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't.” It’s sort of like grown up life hacks :)