Monday Confessions, We got a puppy

We have been hearing the “mom, can we get a dog?” for a few years, basically since we had to say goodbye to our other dog, Dozer. We had so many good excuses like “wait until we move” or “we need Benji to be a little older” or really any other reasons to push it off a little bit until we were ready again. Fast forward to this spring when Matt & I begun seriously exploring options. We put a deposit on the pup through a breeder connection we had and hoped that having a puppy for summer would be a good fit. Kids are all home to help and bond with the pup, as well as the outside potty training didn’t seem as bad in summer as it could in the chill of winter!

So we find ourselves in the thick of trying to house train her and keep her from biting off all the kids fingers and toes! And yes, she is as fluffy and snuggly as she looks! Please welcome Nellie to the Emily Troutman Photo family :)

Photo Credit on these images: Matthew Troutman