Monday Confessions, September Favorite Things

As I write this, the sun has not yet come up on this September morning. We are starting our third full week back into the school season and so far, so good! I thought that I would just share a few recent favorite things with you as today’s confessions!

  1. Pumpkin Cream Cold brew at Starbucks. Have you tried this yet? It’s great because it’s the pumpkin flavor without the overwhelming spice and it’s also icy, which is nice because it’s still going to be about 90 degrees today here in DE.


2. Yellowstone TV Show with Kevin Costner: We are hooked on this show! It’s a story of a Montana ranch owner and quite a few dysfunctional family members and ranch hands. The setting is gorgeous and the drama is over the top but it makes for a great show, along with a great sound track!

3. Whiskey Myers Music: This one comes right from the Yellowstone show, because the bland played an epidote in bar scene and now I can’t stop listening on Spotify! If you love southern rock, this is a great listen for you.

4. OPI Funny Bunny nail color: This white nail color is the perfect every day neutral before we get into the darker and deeper colors of fall.

5. Inexpensive & awesome sunglasses at Amazon: These have been a favorite for the second half of the summer with the mirrored lenses and light weight frames. I do have more expensive pairs of polarized sunglasses for days at the beach and long days outside, but these are perfect for just running around!

I hope you have a great week ahead and that September is treating you well!