Alexis & Mike, 'Til Death Do Us Part!

"I was too in love with the strawberries to notice the ring, but then I did! I gasped. I cried. Mike proposed! I cried. I said yes! Neighbors clapped! We’re engaged! We’re gettting mmaarrrrrriieedd! And THAT, tumblr, is our engagement in 34 words."  I love my little cousin :) This was her description of her recent engagement.

I could not be happier for her and Mike! They are planning on tying the knot next May and of course, I love me a good excuse for a photo shoot! Although this photo shoot seemed a little doomed...the first day we had it scheduled, the heat index was up over 110 degrees and no one is going for a "greasy, sweaty" look in their engagement photos. We rescheduled it for the next week and within the time we planned the photo shoot - the weather channel called for "high winds and deadly lightning in this zip code." Um...postpone again?! 

Well another week later we got a gorgeous Friday evening with a cool breeze and low humidity - thank you Jesus! I believe all that waiting was definitely worth it and yes...our location was an amazing old church with a cool grave yard. Lex and Mike are the perfect pair to just go along with my crazy ideas and were game for the engagement shoot in a graveyard. Combine the cool aesthetics, the pretty weather, yummy sunset light, and this great couple ..match made in heaven! We joked that the graveyard thing was a good set up for "'til death do us part..."


Can't wait for May 2012!

Jenny & Tyler: Fourth Anniversary

The idea for this shoot sprung from me thinking about all the couples I have had the privilege to photograph on their wedding day. I started thinking it was high time for some anniversary shoots from brides and grooms of years passed. Jenny & Tyler came to mind as a couple who just celebrated their fourth anniversary and I knew that they were coming in to town. They hail from Nashville, TN now as they pursue their careers in music. They are great if you don't already know this, check them out - They are also people I consider dear friends, which is all the perfect combination for a fabulous shoot. We chose a day, time and location for when they would be passing through town but didn't account for the fact that it would be about 110 degrees in the shade! They were such good sports and didn't even pretend to be grossed out as sweat streamed down my face and onto my camera...awesome...professional..I know :) Lets just say I didn't object when it was time to follow them into the creek!

Enough from me, I really believe that these images speak for themselves and word on the street is that some of my work might appear in their next album cover, so keep an eye out for these two wonderful and talented people!

Due to extreme heat and humidity I had some camera fog when we first got started but I went with it. I actually liked the result and kept these first couple images. 


Another interesting fact is that Jenny's dad makes mandolins and this particular one they brought along is one of her dad's beautiful creations. 

Such a beautiful lady!

The image on the right was literally the last frame of the session and I found it the perfect ending to a beautiful shoot!

These are a re-cap from the sneak peek!

Happy Friday friends!

Jenny & Tyler - Sneak Peek

one word...swoon. I had an amazing session this past Sunday with old friends who happen to be wonderful people, musicians and husband & wife. Here is just a little preview of what will come later this week on the blog... Thank you Jenny & Tyler for being yourselves and making my job so much fun!

(Did I mention it was 100 + degrees and they didn't even bat an eyelash at that?! Meanwhile I was DEFINITELY sweatin' like an iced tea in August, smelling like bug spray and generally looking more like I belonged at a Nascar rally than a photo shoot!) 

There will be more to this story when I post later....