Alexis & Mike, 'Til Death Do Us Part!

"I was too in love with the strawberries to notice the ring, but then I did! I gasped. I cried. Mike proposed! I cried. I said yes! Neighbors clapped! We’re engaged! We’re gettting mmaarrrrrriieedd! And THAT, tumblr, is our engagement in 34 words."  I love my little cousin :) This was her description of her recent engagement.

I could not be happier for her and Mike! They are planning on tying the knot next May and of course, I love me a good excuse for a photo shoot! Although this photo shoot seemed a little doomed...the first day we had it scheduled, the heat index was up over 110 degrees and no one is going for a "greasy, sweaty" look in their engagement photos. We rescheduled it for the next week and within the time we planned the photo shoot - the weather channel called for "high winds and deadly lightning in this zip code." Um...postpone again?! 

Well another week later we got a gorgeous Friday evening with a cool breeze and low humidity - thank you Jesus! I believe all that waiting was definitely worth it and yes...our location was an amazing old church with a cool grave yard. Lex and Mike are the perfect pair to just go along with my crazy ideas and were game for the engagement shoot in a graveyard. Combine the cool aesthetics, the pretty weather, yummy sunset light, and this great couple ..match made in heaven! We joked that the graveyard thing was a good set up for "'til death do us part..."


Can't wait for May 2012!