I have been having a hard time sleeping. I have laid off the caffeine and everything but it's not really working. My mind is always busy thinking and it's cutting into my zzz's! Tonight is no different except that I have decided to actually get out of bed and see if I can't be productive for a few minutes and see if I can't wear myself out. I am jealous though, even my dog is happily snoring! Mostly I just have thoughts swirling about my family, my business, etc. I was laying there thinking over the mini sessions this weekend, how fun they were but how exhausted I am...haha, I know laying awake at 2 am thinking about my exhaustion...twisted.

You might remember a few weeks ago when I tweeted about being on a photo shoot of my own. Two very talented ladies at Luminosity Photo, Tammy & Stephanie, did a shoot for me to get some updated shots of myself. We had a lot of fun around Middletown, DE one morning. Here are a few shots from the session and I have a feeling you will be seeing some more of them around the website! Check them out over at www.luminosityonline.com  Thanks girls for a great session!