Monday Confessions

 Last week was epically long for lots of reasons but mostly it was because the things that were happening made me lose track of day, time and everything else. So here are some Monday confessions to get back on track!

1. Thanks to those of you who sent kind letters or wrote kinds words to me and my family over the last week. It truly does mean so much.

2. My house was so dirty and there were no groceries in our house last week. We ate at places like papa johns, moes, chick fila, capriottis, and other establishments more than I can admit!

3. It's interesting to watch kids when you are going through something my kids age they didn't know the difference so they kept on trucking. It almost made it more difficult though, I wanted to say "hey, sit here and be sad with me" but instead they kept on playing. This quality was a good distraction though the rest of the time!

4. To all of you photo clients that were patient with me, I very much appreciate it! I have inundated people with phone calls and emails today trying to catch up!

5. I am super excited about Holiday Mini Sessions this upcoming weekend! If you missed the boat on this, email me because I might have a secret date to share with you. I might be trying to squeeze in one more ;)

6. I was seriously hoping for fall weather but it skipped to winter to something?! It's freezing today..I won't complain or did I just?!

7. I am thankful for modern conveniences like dishwashers, laundry washers and dryers. I would never get anything done without them!

8. There are bugs attacking our house from every angle, stink bugs, spiders, you name it. We have been on the prowl for bugs and I am over it! Go away stink bugs!

9. Matt & I sat eating nacho dip for our dinner in front of the tv last night like a was super :)

10. Remember how we needed groceries?! Well we went to Walmart to get some today and Macy decided that she would like to scream and cry about 2/3 of the time we were in there. Yeah, I was that mom with that kid today..oh well, guess it was my turn.

Happy Monday friends! There will be photo related posts this week too, don't you worry!