More Mini Session fun!

While I await the appliance man's arrival, I am trying to be productive. We are getting new kitchen appliances today, they were supposed to come yesterday but you know how these things work. I am excited though, the 20 year old appliances that came with the house are tired & sad. I really can't wait to bake in a new oven and let me tell you, can't wait for a fridge that doesn't have wire racks. I mean, wire racks? Whoever invented that didn't think, everything tips and spills! Anyhow...sorry for the tangent :)

SO here are some more fun shots that came out of this fall's mini sessions! I got to shoot some of my regular clients and even meet some new ones in these sessions. The kids all seemed to have a blast roaming the pumpkins and apples for their sessions. And the last shot was of two friends who decided to do a BFF photo shoot, it was a super fun idea. When do friends get great pictures together?!