Christmas card confessions...

I confess, Christmas cards are hard for me now! Like I have shared before, taking pictures of my own kids is a near impossibility sometimes. They refuse to even look in my direction or if they do, it's certainly not at the same time. As a photographer, I feel like there's a lot of pressure for my Christmas card to be quality. I mean who would want me to take pics of their family or kids for Christmas if mine doesn't even look good?? That would be like being a hair stylist with hideous hair!

My husband I set out with our kids on one of those unseasonably warm days a couple weeks ago to attempt the Christmas card shoot. Kids were dressed cutely in their new gap outfits (thank you 30% off friends and family sale!), but don't you know they were not having it. Mostly it was the fact that we were in a beautiful park and all they wanted to do was run, play with the leaves and pick up sticks..not sit cutely in front of my camera. I literally wanted to pull my hair out....all that presssure and I was going to have an ugly Christmas card. Ok well I am a little dramatic, we eventually got a cute individual shot of each kid and one of them together where Dean was trying to escape the frame.I was so discouraged after the shoot that we even tried again later while decorating an outdoor tree at my in-laws. The kids did love the lights but they were still impossible to get good pictures of!

I will be mailing our cards this week so I won't reveal it yet but here are some outtakes for your enjoyment :) Happy Christmas Card making to the rest of you!!


This one made me laugh so hard, I actually thought about making this my card but the hubby refused. It's  pretty true to life these days :)

Probably not recommended to chew xmas lights but it was still cute :) And again, true to life! 


Here's some lights Daddy.. he was helping :)

This really sums Dean up well... a blur running with a smile and a weapon :)

Daddy was playing peek a boo on the other side of this wall.

Again, this is perfectly Dean :) Playing with a stick!

Hope you got a smile out of these, at the end of the day I do certainly laugh a lot!