Monday Confessions

1. First confession, it's been good to finally let everyone know the news about baby number 3! I just can't believe I am only a week away from being done my first trimester already!

2. Speaking of pregnancy, everyone is different but one thing remains - I crave cheeseburgers. I am vowing not to gain as much weight this time around (hey it's one, not two) and it's hard to hold off the need for the burgers! YUM! The hilarious thing is that when I am not pregnant, I only eat burgers very occasionally.

3. I totally ate a burger for lunch today :)

4. I really have the urge to bake pumpkin choc chip muffins today but I forgot that my oven might still be toxic from the plastic melting incident at Halloween. I am afraid we might need a new oven.. no joke.

5. I am SO HAPPY my kids are feeling better. They are much more fun when they are not sick!

6. Making clients happy makes me happy - heard from three happy clients this morning, great way to start a Monday :)

7. My best friend flies in from Texas today, looking forward to fun with her and her son!

8. I am reading the biography of Amy Carmichael as written by Elisabeth Elliot, it's called A Chance to Die. Amy was mainly a missionary to India for the majority of her adult life in the early 1900's, but she also had served in Japan early on. Her story is kicking my butt and challenging my own faith. Mostly I think about the things I worry/complain about on a daily basis and absolutely nothing compares. Amy was so much more concerned constantly with sharing Jesus and honoring God than she was with daily comforts. In fact, she rarely gave herself comforts of any kind - including the fact that she served in India for over 50 years with never even taking a furlough (vacation). Her main work was with children and freeing young girls from forced prostitution. When Amy was asked once what is the missonary life like, her response was "Missionary life is simply a chance to die." If you need a good encouragement or butt kick, read a biography of someone who did something extraordinary with their life and faith. Sometimes I wonder if my little mommy, mini-van world is making a difference and I pray that I would continue to be challenged to make a difference!

Amy & some Indian Children

Since the last confession was long I will leave you with - Happy Monday friends!