Thanks for snorting Mr. Gross Man & Humbled

So this past week I had a cool experience. Remember when I met Jasmine Star and talked all about her and other cool people I met?? Well I should really start at the beginning of that day at WPPI. I had a terrible seat...I was sitting next to a middle aged man (no offense middle age men readers) but he had a constant throat clearing/snorting problem that had me utterly grossed out during the first presentation. I had to endure his issues for almost 2 hours and I couldn't wait to change seats! For the second session I made my way closer to the front of the room and settled in near a few friendly female faces, one of which was Rhonda Bowman. We started chatting & realized we were both from DE...if you are from DE you know how it goes from there, if you're not related you at least have some people in common :) Kentucky has got nothing on us! Haha, sorry KY friends. 

Anyhow, I digress. I learned lots of great things that day about photography and business but the most lasting gift I got that day was a new friendship with Rhonda. Read her version of the story on her blog - it's SO worth it & check out her photo work while you're there! She even got pulled out of the audience that day to get this portrait taken by Clay Blackmore! 

I am definitely thankful and humbled by how God chooses to work. So thanks Mr. Gross Snorting Man for forcing me to change seats so that I could meet Rhonda :)