Wedding Favorites, Part 2

Lets face it, most of us are all wrapped up (pun intended :) getting everything together for Christmas! It's Christmas Eve Eve - not much time left! So take a deep breath and check out some more of my wedding favorites from 2010. Again, these aren't necessarily perfect or even the clients favorites but they are my favorites, they mean something to me as the artist. I myself can even get wrapped up looking at these wedding photos and loving to the new, fresh, untarnished love of newlyweds! We all need to be reminded of that now and then! 

I think that this will be my final post this week so MERRY CHRISTMAS! Keep an eye out next week for the family and kids addition of the favorites!


Ashli & Bobby, October 2010


Holly and Tom, Brandywine Country Club, May 2010

(I usually don't include photos of guests but I just love this one.)



Devon & TC, June 2010

Lauren & Adam, July 2010